Sour Bonboon
Sour Bonboon
Level 8
Base Value 3600 coins
Appearance Level 34+
Visit Level 35+
Resident Lost a fight with a Syrupent, Twingersnap, or Fourheads.

For information on the tamed version of this species, see the Bonboon article. To see all sour species, see the Sour category page.


Adding one more face-puckering Pinata to the sour group, this visitor will pick fights as it visits your garden. You'll catch it whispering to piñata, who then attacks an innocent neighbor. This makes the Sour Bonboon quite the rabble-rouser. Once it has received an attitude adjustment from a member of the Syrupent family(a Syrupent, Twingersnap, or even better, a Fourheads), it will become a Bonboon and you'll get access to new visitors.

  • As a sour, it starts fights in your garden!
  • If you tame it, it will put a stop to fights in your Garden by dancing.


Appear requirements

Visit requirements

Resident requirements

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