For information on the tamed version of this species, see the Mallowolf article. To see all sour species, see the Sour category page.



AnimbassadorThe Sour Mallowolf Gang

Striding into your garden, the crazy Sour Mallowolf keeps the neighbors away! The three little rashberries who just moved in dissapeared and the easter bunnycomb's tattered basket remains have been found. You would have to see an oinking snout soar to tame the beast!

In-game description: Giant, ravenous and salivating and you should see it's mother-in-law! The Sour Mallowolf is a real pest, scaring your residents, eating anything small, fluffy, or cute. How can you get rid of it?

  • As a sour, it prevents visitors to your garden!
  • If you tame it, the Mallowolf is able to scare away Ruffians.


Appear requirements

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Resident requirements

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