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For information on the tamed version of this species, see the Profitamole article. To see all sour species, see the Sour category page.

The Sour Profitamole has a big mouth, pure and simple. Not because they talk a lot, but because they have really big mouths. Seriously, you could fit a whole family of Whirlms in there! Sour Profitamoles like to munch on flowers and leave unsightly holes all over your nice, manicured garden. They also have a taste for Flutterscotches; maybe they think they’re flowers with wings?

  • As a sour, it attacks your flowers!
  • If you tame it, the Profitamole will eat up the patches of dirt from a Mine.
  • On the DS version of the game, Pocket Paradise, the mine does not actually bring up any patches of dirt, only a Dragonache egg. Therefore the profitamole has to be taken down into the mine instead.


Appear requirements

  • Level 19 gardener or better

Visit requirements

  • Level 20 gardener or better

Resident requirements

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