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This is a list of sour pinatas

  1. Sour Shellybean Must eat 1 apple seed
  2. Sour Sherbat Must eat 1 Jack 'o Lantern
  3. Sour Crowla Have a birdbath and feed it medicine
  4. Sour Profitamole have 2 mushrooms in garden and has eaten a red Flutterscotch
  5. Sour Macaraccoon Must have master romancer award for 5 different species and has eaten a Cluckles
  6. Sour Cocoadile Must have 16 pinometers of water, have eaten 1 Sweetooth and 2 Swananas
  7. Sour Mallowolf Must have eaten one Pigxie
  8. Sour Bonboon Must lose in afight against an Syrupent, Twingersnap or Fourheads

If you have tamed/bought the block of all these sours,the Galagoogoo will appear to you.

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