• Feeding a Newtgat a chili turns it into a Salamango.
  • Feed a gooseberry to a Quackberry to turn it into a Juicygoose.
  • Direct a Taffly to a Firebrand that is turned on. When it catches fire, put it out with your watering can and it will evolve into a Redhott.
  • White Flutterscotches evolve into many different colors when they are fed flower heads (each one is a new species):
    • Red: Poppy flower head.
    • Green: Watercress flower head.
    • Pink: Water lily flower head.
    • Black: Tulip flower head.
    • Purple: Snapdragon flower head.
    • Blue: Bluebell flower head.
    • Brown: Bullrush flower head.
    • Orange: Bird of Paradise flower head.
  • Feed a Sparrowmint a buttercup to evolve it into a Candary.
  • Feed a Horstachio a daisy flower head and a blackberry to evolve it into a Zumbug.
  • Feed a Lickitoad a nightshade berry and tap it with your shovel afterwards to turn it into a Lackatoad.

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