Storkos is the egg deliverer on Piñata Island. She delivers eggs to your piñatas after they have done their romantic dance.

To get piñatas to do a romantic dance, you will have to meet the specific requirements for that species. (ex; a Sparrowmint has to have a house, and eat a Whirlm for romance)

Storkos is a child of Jardinero, just like Seedos and Leafos. She lives in a egg house hanging from the mountain.


Storkos was born at sea, and she was named after the storks which were following the ship the time she was born. She grew up on ships running around the decks pretending she had superpowers, naturally she solved the egg problem (eggs kept being smashed because the piñatas had to get their eggs from Egg Mountain themselves) by becoming Piñata Island's Super Hero! (Well that's what she thinks she is!)

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