Here's a really bright, shiny looking seed. I think you should be able to guess what will grow when you plant this.

A sunflower seed grows a sunflower.

The sunflower grows very tall, almost up to the sun (but not really), and its flower looks like the sun (a bit), so that might be why it's called a sunflower.

The base value of a sunflower is 100 coins, however if it is fully catalysed it can sell for 400 coins.


Surface requirements: Sunflower seed should be planted in grass, soil or long grass.

Catalyst requirements: For bonus growth yellow fertilizer, cocoadile tears or special mix fertilizer should be used.



  • Eating 1 sunflower is required for a Doenut to romance.
  • Eating 3 sunflower seeds is required for a Squazzil to romance.



  • Eating 1 sunflower is required for a Goobaa to regrow its wool.
  • Eating 1 sunflower is required for a Moozipan to remake its milk.