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Animal Serpent (Grass Snake)
Candy Syrup
Level 2
Base Value 300 coins
Attack Dice
The Syrupent's house is a stone snake leading underground.
Housing Cost 165 coins
Romance Dance
Syrupent Romance Video00:22

Syrupent Romance Video

Unique Trait: Ridge on back of head

The first rung on the ladder leading to pinatas with double and quadruple the fun. The Syrupent itself needs little more than grass and Mousemallows (and maybe a ban on Macaracoon) to keep it content.


Appear requirements

  • Have 10 square pinometers of grass (1%)

Visit requirements

  • Have 10 square pinometers of grass (1%)

Resident requirements

  • Have 20 square pinometers of grass (2%)
  • Has eaten a Mousemallow

Romance requirements

  • Has eaten 1 Lickatoad
  • You have 30 square pinometers of grass (3%)
  • There is a Syrupent house in the garden
== Species variants ==

Species variants for the Syrupent

Feeding it a buttercup flower changes its color to gold.
Feeding it a bluebell seed changes its color to blue.
Feeding it a bottle of medicine changes its color to pink.

Syrupent uses

  • 5 Syrupent Family Residents in the garden helps meet the Macaraccoon Visit requirements.
  • Eating 3 Syrupents helps meet the Macaraccoon Resident requirements.
  • Romance any two Syrupents and then watch the resulting egg carefully. It will make a small hop several times and then three big jumps. After the egg makes its biggest jump whack it "a" with your shovel and a Twingersnap baby will emerge.
  • I forgot to say but do the same to a Twingersnap egg and a Fourheads will emerge. This is a four headed syrupent.

Other Information

  • The Syrupent isn't that hard to get(after all, when you get Upgrade Garden Space, grass naturally comes with new gardens). But Mousemallows don't automatically respond to Turnips in the garden, so it's somewhat hard to get them. That's why, in my opinion, it's not the best pinata for profit. But once you romance them and make a Twingersnap, you can get a Fourheads for profit.
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