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This is a pinata in Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise.

Viva pinata- tigermisu

this is how it looks in residential form.


Appear requirements

  • Have 8 Tiger Lilies in your garden

Visit requirements

  • Have 12 Tiger Lilies in your garden
  • Have a Zumbug resident in your garden

Resident requirements

Romance requirements

  • Wearing a Sabreman Helmet,
  • Have a Tigermisu House in your garden

Trick requirements

  • Have a Tigermisu eat a Hoghurt to perform trick 1
  • Have a Tigermisu eat a Flapyak to perform trick 2

Species Variants

Species variants for the Tigermisu

Feeding it a banana split changes its color to yellow.
Feeding it a horseradish changes its color to white.

Feeding it a water lily flower changes its color to pink

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