Bart's Exchange is one of the village shops. Bart will open his shop to you when you reach level 9. By purchasing tinker tickets here, you can have Bart transform items for you. Tickets come in different values -- Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The higher the value purchased, the better chance of a tinker being successful. If a tinker fails then you lose the original item.

Chance of Success
Bronze 25%
Silver 50%
Gold 100%

Item transformation
Item Transformed into Use Bronze Silver Gold
Apple Toffee apple Horstachio eats to romance. 7 22 75
Banana Banana Split Barkbark and Zumbug eat for variants, Moozipan eats to romance. 18 54 180
Blackberry Blackberry Jam Zumbug eats to romance, Pudgeon eats for a variant. 7 22 75
Bread Sandwich Swanana eats to become resident, Moozipan eats for a variant. 5 15 50
Carrot Carrot Cake Jameleon and Reddhott eat for variants, Ponocky eats to romance. 1 4 15
Corn Bread Quackberry eats to become resident, Galagoogoo and Ponocky eat for variants. 3 9 30
Gem Rainbow Gem Chewnicorn eats to romance. 27 82 275
Gooseberry Gooseberry Fool Doenut, Candary, Pigxie, and Pretztail eat for variants. 10 31 105
Honey Bottle of medicine Tames Crowla, Fizzlybear eats to romance, Barkbark, Buzzenge, Buzzlegum, Chippopotamus, Cluckles, Fourheads, Kittyfloss, Roario, Swanana, Sweetooth, Syrupent and Twingersnap eat for pink variants. 7 22 75
Monkeynut Peanut Butter Cinnamonkey eats to become resident 14 42 140
Pumpkin Jack 'o Lantern Tames Sherbat, Doenut and Arocknid eat for variants. 5 15 50
Milk Cheese Mousemallow and Parrybo eat for variants. Fudgehog eats to romance. 22 67 225
Toadstool Mushroom Tames Profitamole. Macaraccoon and Chippopatamus eat for variants. 14 42 140

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