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    It looks like quite some time since there's been an overhaul of the infoboxes since they've been added. I'd like to propose some changes. I've created a color scheme and two infoboxes. The color scheme is based on the encyclopedia in the game.

    Please comment and let me know what you think of it. If this is acceptable to the community at large, I'll start overhauling the piñata pages as I access them. :)

    Vote at the bottom, if you don't have any particular comments.

    Piñata reds ff3e3d ff6563
    Community browns be6d1a db8f04
    Characters orange/yellow f28729 f2cd13
    Plants:flower, water flower, tree, seeds, vegetables, weeds, bushes, fruit greens 80bf41 a7d37c
    Garden Constructions purple f2059f fc63c6
    Tools blues 049dd9 57cdfc

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