Pinata Name: Arockind

Animal: Spider

Gardening Level: 5

Base Value: 1500 coins

House Cost: 825 coins

Appear Reguirements:

1. Level 6 gradening level or better

Visit Requirements:

1.There are 4 tafflies or raisants in the garden

Resident Requirements:

1. Has eaten 2 tafflies or 2 raisants

Romance Rrquirements:

1. Has eaten 2 buzzlegums

2. Have an Arockind house in the garden


1. Blue: feeding it a bluebell flower

2. Pink: feeding it a water lilly flower

3. Orange: feeding it a jack o' lantern


1. Will keep Buzzlegums from becoming residents in your garden

Viva Pinata- Arocknid Romance Dance00:21

Viva Pinata- Arocknid Romance Dance

Romance Dance! =P


Arockind (wild card)

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