Hello I am Leaf I Have been playing Viva piñata for quite a few years i got the game when i was a child and i forgot about it for quite sometime but I have been playing more and more each day... but enough about that Im here to try and revive the fandom so anyone want to talk piñatas, make fanart, share said fanart and have it be seen by other fans, write fanfictions, and have thoes said fanfictions be read? Im always here to chat and admire the works of others as well as create content for the fandom to enjoy obviously it wont be posted on here. I am grasping at staws to be with other fans but I have only found one and as timezones happen to be we are never online so if you just happen to be reading this and maybe feel like you need a free friend who gets what you are talking about when you make a reference to the games or show PLEASE leave a reply or a message (you know its gotten bad when someone so awful at social interactions even online is the one trying to revive the fandom!) SO LETS REVIVE THE FANDOM