You might think this is a bit strange, but those black spots on this seed almost look like eyes. Brrr, gives me the creeps.

Venus Pinata Trap Seed grows a Venus Pinata Trap.

This plant seems to have taken a stand for plants. It's fed up with the 'plant grows -- animal eats plant' order of things and has decided to dish out some spiny plant revenge. Keep it away from your piñatas or else they will not leave it alone!


Surface requirements: Venus Pinata Trap Seed should be planted in mud, grass, soil or long grass.

Catalyst requirements: N/A



  • Eating 1 Venus Pinata Trap is required for a Buzzlegum or a Parrybo to turn into an orange variant.
  • Eating 1 Venus Pinata Trap is required for a Twingersnap to turn into a yellow variant.

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