Start your life as a Viva Piñata gardener, and you'll find yourself well acquainted with the shops in the Village. Clockwise, starting at the top, they are:

  • Costolot's Store - The first shop that you can access. Costolot sells Fertilizer, Watering Cans, Surface Packets, Paving, Seeds, Candy, Fruit, Vegetable, Produce, Fencing, and Garden Items.
  • Arfur's Inn - Do you need help managing all the day-to-day tasks of the garden? Hire some Helpers here, who Arfur calls friends.
  • Paper Pets - Here you can buy select domestic piñata and accessories, or gift accessories to others.
  • Ivor Bargain - Once unlocked, Ivor can provide you with an alternative to Costolot's. The fertilizer he provides works on any plant, and he has tool upgrades unavailable elsewhere.
  • Gretchen Fetchem's - The resident piñata hunter, Gretchen can
  • Bart's Exchange - The local tinkerer, Bart can alter some items for you to help lure that piñata in, or provide it with the right item it needs to bloom.
  • Willy Builder - Willy is interested in selling you what he calls "very reasonable manual labor". He can build piñata houses and special buildings to provide a discreet location for romancing or a building to help make the garden more functional.
  • Doc Patchingo - This is who you'll need if your piñatas turn up ill. Call him quickly!

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