In my experience, I've noticed that some seeds need to be planted in quite specific areas. I think this is one of those seeds.

Waterlily seed grows a waterlily.

The water lily is not only pretty, but its large flat leaves are the perfect platform for the smaller water creatures.


Surface requirements: Waterlily seed should be planted in mud.

Catalyst requirements: For bonus growth purple fertilizer, cocoadile tears or special mix fertilizer should be used.



  • Having 1 waterlily in the garden is required for a Sweetooth to visit.
  • Having 14 waterlilies in the garden is required for a Chippopatamus to visit.


  • Eating 2 waterlilies is required for a Sweetooth to become a resident.
  • Eating 10 waterlilies is required for a Chippopatamus to become a resident.


  • Eating 1 waterlily is required for a Goobaa to romance.
  • Eating 3 waterlilies is required for a Swanana to romance.


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