Viva Piñata is a game by Rare® Ltd.. and published by Microsoft Game Studios.

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This new Xbox 360 title lets you shape a magical world of living Piñata animals. Viva Pinata is rated E for everyone. It contains mild cartoon violence and comic mischief.

Viva Piñata invites gamers to create an immersive world where living piñatas inhabit an ever-changing garden environment. Beginning with a few basic tools, players build and take control of their environment to attract and host more than 60 species of wild piñata, utilizing hundreds of customizable elements to create their very own distinctively unique thriving pinata paradise.

  • Discover the secrets of over 60 different candy-filled Piñata animals to see them grow, change, fight, and even dance!
  • Guide a constantly evolving, vibrant world to keep your Piñata happy and protect them from dangers threatening to break them open.
  • Customize your world and your Piñata animals to reflect your style and create a pet paradise unlike any other.
  • Enjoy both friendships and rivalries in a worldwide community of Viva Piñata players.

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